Co-packaging / Shipping Services

Are you a successful regional food service establishment planning to widen your market footprint? We can provide a broad range of kitchen and packaging support services that insure local freshness, protect quality, and lower shipping costs and shrinkage loss.

Let your team concentrate on retail and marketing while we provide support in localized product development, manufacture, small lot storage and delivery.

Are you a small, home kitchen based business with a few winning recipes that need experienced branding, packaging, and marketing professionals to move your food business forward?

Our team has decades of experience and a "who's who" list of customers who are constantly searching for that special menu item that keeps customers coming back to their restaurants and other food establishments.


There are certain things that we simply do well. Going on 3 decades of successful food product and design ~ we are in a position to help your company be more successful because of our background in facility planning, local / regional taste preferences, cost effective nutritional ingredient planning, precise manufacturing, packaging ~ and timely, fresh delivery.



Newport Bay Bakers uses the most modern mixers, baking ovens, and conveyor equipment available for contaminant free food and consistent results.